The Horse and the Passage

From Shore to Pass

Upon arriving on shore, the adventurers journeyed into the forested hills, attempting to navigate their way to a mountain pass they know exists, although they know not where. On their journey they come upon a small camp of soldiers, whose intentions they do not know. They send Bristial to scout the scene, and she returns with little information, not knowing that she was detected and followed. The adventurers decide to carry on, although they feel as if they are followed.
Eventually their followers catch up to them, calling them out from the trees that they made their defensive positions in. After a short stalemate, the adventurers and the soldiers come to make terms until Ezen of the Wholesome Horse arrives.
After a short discussion over the fatality of orcs, the adventurers and Ezen’s band ride off after the orc band that she has pursuing since they had killed her father and his hunting band.
They make their way to the pass in the mountains where the orc band had established a small garrison. With energies high, the group charged the pass and attacked the fortification there, unaware of the Half-Orc who arrived on the ridge above and detonated a bomb in the pass below, wounded many but killing none. The adventurers collected themselves, climbed the rocky wreckage, and continued forward…


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