Genna Tinkerwicket


Lively and unassuming, Genna Tinkerwicket is quick to make friends and quicker still to change her attentions. Life has so many diversions that it is impossible to predict how she will spend her days. She will not easily leave her loyalties behind, however, even when staying with her friends sometimes conflicts with her moral sensibilities. Above all, there is no trial that problem-solving Genna does not first confront with a shrewd and determined mind, before acquiescing to brute force.

Coming, as she does, from a tribe of storytellers and tinkersmiths, Genna has a deep love for both crafts but shared little of her kinsmen’s talent. She hopes that her adventures on Godfel will see those skills sharpened, so she can return and prove herself against the teasing of her family.

Gnome Bard, Level 3
College of Lore
Neutral Good
Background: Outlander
Armor Class 13
Hit Points 24

Strength 12
Dexterity 14
Constitution 12
Intelligence 16
Charisma 16
Wisdom 14

Investigation (x2)
Persuasion (x2)
Dexterity saving throws
Charisma saving throws
Instruments: Voice, Flute, Fiddle


Feats and Features
Speak with Small Beasts
Bardic Inspiration
Song of Rest
Jack of All Trades

Noteworthy Items
Grey Bag of Tricks
Obsidian Needle*
Genie Stone
Disguise Kit

*Story/plot item



Genna Tinkerwicket

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