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  • Ima Pengelmir

    The adventurers approached her in the Tangled Assembly, where she told them of the plight of the town; the druids were unable to control the wild growth of the vines. Aiding Genna in her discovery of magical abilities, Ima gave her a scroll and a …

  • Ekert Sweetfinger

    He approached the adventurers as the left Time's Shrine in [[Thorndyll | Thorndyll]], asking their assistance regarding tainted barrels of his brew that had accidentally shipped. He paid the adventurers when they returned, although he was reluctant.

  • Durum Brashheart

    Asked Genna to teach him how to play a flute in order to impress his estranged daughter who was visiting after many years. Asked the adventurers to retrieve a beautiful instrument from the local instrument maker.