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  • Thorndyll

    Once the site of a great castle, Thorndyll is built from the crumpled foundation with the former castle‚Äôs corridors as streets and its rooms as shops and places of residence. The entire stone foundation of the town is covered with a roof of densely woven …

  • Ima Pengelmir

    The adventurers approached her in the Tangled Assembly, where she told them of the plight of the town; the druids were unable to control the wild growth of the vines. Aiding Genna in her discovery of magical abilities, Ima gave her a scroll and a …

  • Ekert Sweetfinger

    He approached the adventurers as the left Time's Shrine in [[Thorndyll | Thorndyll]], asking their assistance regarding tainted barrels of his brew that had accidentally shipped. He paid the adventurers when they returned, although he was reluctant.

  • Durum Brashheart

    Asked Genna to teach him how to play a flute in order to impress his estranged daughter who was visiting after many years. Asked the adventurers to retrieve a beautiful instrument from the local instrument maker.

  • Hood Peeper

    The adventurer's encountered him in [[Thorndyll | Thorndyll]] where he gave them some information on the town.