Through the Pass

After forcing their way through the entrance, the adventurers continued forth, navigating a narrow, rocky and winding passage through the mountains. Not far in, they found orc bodies ravaged by some beast, which they determined to be birdlike, from the feather that lay near.

Farther down the pass, their suspicions were concerned when they were set upon by the very beast…and then another of the same. Defending for their lives, they slaughtered both foes, and took what spoils they could. On a rocky ledge above, they saw the traces of a nest and heard the cries of a hatchling. But feeling the press of their quest, they ventured on.

Farther in still, they came to a makeshift wall, built with pried up boulders with bloodied body as mortar. To the side, Bristial noticed a body being dragged into a narrow cave system. Upon brief inspection, the party decided to scale the wall that impeded their path.

Upon the top, they look out over a grizzly sight: a small forest of spears with skinned bodies impaled upon them…and some moving being beneath. Reaching the body of the wall, the group used all of their speed to dart to the far end of the forest, with only Genna getting a harmless bump from the body of something.

Happy to have such morbid danger behind them, they round a curve and were greeted by a awesome sight: a huge opening encircled by the mountains with a large lake in the middle, supplied by a falling column of water. And above, a large circular stone platform suspended between the mountain peaks by stone bridges. Their goal. God’s hand.

And directly in front of them, a large grey skinned orc, peeling the skin away from a head with his tusks, like the flesh off an apple. After explaining that he had awaited for the arrival of those that trailed the orc band, he threw down his axe, readied his claws, and made a loud whistle.

A large, two-headed dog appeared from behind and a vicious battle ensued. After the crew had dispatched the dog, the orc pleaded to his god for assistance, removing one of this own eyes as sacrifice. A dark force appeared around him, and he seemed to gain new strength.

The battle continued with many blows; the orc falling back often to heal. Eventually, the final strike was landed by Arvey…who had just prior been given a terrible curse from the orc.

The crew investigated the lake, finding that it possessed some healing properties, which they took great advantage of.

Looking for their next path forward, they spotted a long series of narrow stairs that march up the side of the mountain. After a rest, they set their sights for the sky…

The Horse and the Passage
From Shore to Pass

Upon arriving on shore, the adventurers journeyed into the forested hills, attempting to navigate their way to a mountain pass they know exists, although they know not where. On their journey they come upon a small camp of soldiers, whose intentions they do not know. They send Bristial to scout the scene, and she returns with little information, not knowing that she was detected and followed. The adventurers decide to carry on, although they feel as if they are followed.
Eventually their followers catch up to them, calling them out from the trees that they made their defensive positions in. After a short stalemate, the adventurers and the soldiers come to make terms until Ezen of the Wholesome Horse arrives.
After a short discussion over the fatality of orcs, the adventurers and Ezen’s band ride off after the orc band that she has pursuing since they had killed her father and his hunting band.
They make their way to the pass in the mountains where the orc band had established a small garrison. With energies high, the group charged the pass and attacked the fortification there, unaware of the Half-Orc who arrived on the ridge above and detonated a bomb in the pass below, wounded many but killing none. The adventurers collected themselves, climbed the rocky wreckage, and continued forward…

The Story So Far

Genna, Bristial, Arvey and Ulf met as they each sat drinking in dismay in a makeshift meadhall on the west coast of Godfel. Each had planned to take their part in the final battle for a united country, home only to the clans of the Knog; however, when they had arrived, the battle had already ended.

They were approached by Baldo Barrelbelly, who sat with them making jovial conversation. But, this reprieve would be short as Lusid Lifeloved approached and took Baldo Barrelbelly away in some urgency of duty.
However, while his person had left, an asset of his was left behind: a small leather satchel. Upon finding the bag, the adventurers opened it to discover a letter…a letter addressing them, urging them to take a black, needle-like object to Hildok Coppereye, a confidant of his in Thorndyll.

Upon leaving the meadhall, the adventurers were immediately pulled in to conflict with a couple harpies who were feasting on the wounded. After a short conflict, they set off east.

On the way to Thorndyll, the adventurers came in contact with a band of moose centaurs fleeing their lands in escape of a scourge that was killing their tribesmen. After negotiations with Bristial, the adventurers agreed to assist the centaurs. After a brief investigation, they discovered that a giant was (although with innocent intent) tearing centaurs in half in hope to free the horses from the riders. Following an unsuccessful decision by Ulf to engage the giant in combat, the adventures settled the matter peacefully and were given thanks by the centaurs.

Upon arriving in Thorndyll, the adventurers questioned the local townsfolk and found that Thorndyll had gone missing investigating a trouble the town was having (in which the druids could no longer control its thorny vines).

Eventually, the part found their way to the TIme’s Shrine where the solved its riddle, opening a path to a tomb beneath. In the tomb below, they used their intelligence and their might to both solve puzzles and do combat with living fauna. At the end of the tomb, they found a crypt, where the culprit (some sort of druidic vampire) awaited.

After defeating the vampire, the adventurers discovered Hildok Coppereye hiding in one of the sarcophagi. He and the party palavered for a time and he told the party of ill omens he had seen in his travels. He also agreed to head west to Fountsted and use their grand library to research the void needle.

Exciting the tomb, Genna conferred with Ima Pengelmir, who gave the budding magic user a scroll and a magical bag. Leaving the Shrine, the party was accosted by Ekert Sweetfinger who wanted the adventurers to retrieve tainted barrels of his that were accidentally shipped. The party agreed and return successfully after a brief conflict with bandits who had taken the barrels. Ekert paid them begrudgingly.

Receiving another letter from Baldo Barrelbelly, the party decided to meet him at Godshand, in the mountains to the east.

Before leaving, they visited Durum Brashheart who asked Genna and the party to 1) teach him to play flute to impress his daughter and 2) retrieve a high quality instrument from a local instrument maker.

The adventurers agreed and visited the shop of Tonlist Taldo to the east of Thorndyll. In a panic, he agreed to give them an instrument for free if they would help him out of a dire situation. Upon agreeing, he took the party into a grove in the woods where they were to play, as a band, for a group of pixies. Managing to squeak by with an average performance, the instrument was one (and left with the instrument maker), and the the party set out once again.

Meaning to use the river as the quickest way to the east, the adventurers went to a small dock where they met Feylor Lunas, who agreed to give them free passage if they would help to man the craft he had chartered. A few days down the river, it became apparent that Feylor Lunas wasn’t being completely honest. Wanting to put his deceased lover to rest, he anchored the boat by the desecrated ground where she roamed as a banshee. With skill and bravery, the party achieved success. However, once in a small grove on shore, Arvey was given a foreboding prophesy by a shapeshifting tree, that attacked once it had finished speaking. The party dispatched the tree with ease, although Arvey was left with a sense of unease.

Finishing their journey along the river, the adventurers disembark from the boat and…

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