Through the Pass

After forcing their way through the entrance, the adventurers continued forth, navigating a narrow, rocky and winding passage through the mountains. Not far in, they found orc bodies ravaged by some beast, which they determined to be birdlike, from the feather that lay near.

Farther down the pass, their suspicions were concerned when they were set upon by the very beast…and then another of the same. Defending for their lives, they slaughtered both foes, and took what spoils they could. On a rocky ledge above, they saw the traces of a nest and heard the cries of a hatchling. But feeling the press of their quest, they ventured on.

Farther in still, they came to a makeshift wall, built with pried up boulders with bloodied body as mortar. To the side, Bristial noticed a body being dragged into a narrow cave system. Upon brief inspection, the party decided to scale the wall that impeded their path.

Upon the top, they look out over a grizzly sight: a small forest of spears with skinned bodies impaled upon them…and some moving being beneath. Reaching the body of the wall, the group used all of their speed to dart to the far end of the forest, with only Genna getting a harmless bump from the body of something.

Happy to have such morbid danger behind them, they round a curve and were greeted by a awesome sight: a huge opening encircled by the mountains with a large lake in the middle, supplied by a falling column of water. And above, a large circular stone platform suspended between the mountain peaks by stone bridges. Their goal. God’s hand.

And directly in front of them, a large grey skinned orc, peeling the skin away from a head with his tusks, like the flesh off an apple. After explaining that he had awaited for the arrival of those that trailed the orc band, he threw down his axe, readied his claws, and made a loud whistle.

A large, two-headed dog appeared from behind and a vicious battle ensued. After the crew had dispatched the dog, the orc pleaded to his god for assistance, removing one of this own eyes as sacrifice. A dark force appeared around him, and he seemed to gain new strength.

The battle continued with many blows; the orc falling back often to heal. Eventually, the final strike was landed by Arvey…who had just prior been given a terrible curse from the orc.

The crew investigated the lake, finding that it possessed some healing properties, which they took great advantage of.

Looking for their next path forward, they spotted a long series of narrow stairs that march up the side of the mountain. After a rest, they set their sights for the sky…


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