Hildok Coppereye


Human Male
This thin, gaunt man looks to be setting into early old age. He has very angular features with a sharp nose and sharp chin. Behind his severe widow’s peak is a shock of snowy hair. There’s a glint in his right eye from wisdom, and a glint in his left from it being literally an eye made of copper.


The adventurers found Hildok hiding in a sarcophagus in the tomb beneath Time’s Shrine, in Thorndyll. He accessed their magical items, told them of ill omens he had discovered in his travels: black water to the south, obsidian ice to the north, and ashen grass to the west. He told the adventurers that he would head to the library in a coastal city to the west (Fountsted) to research the void needle. He gave the adventurer’s a stone of teleportation.

Hildok Coppereye

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